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E. S. from USA
via National Allergy
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Impressed! Highly recommended! I have had high quality purifiers throughout my home for many years, so I am familiar with an effective product. Have only had this wearable filter for less than a week, using it daily during ...

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... activities for which I’ve generally worn a good mask but it truly does the job.

I washed out the pre-filter and removable outside casing to the HEPA filter to get rid of the light factory odor and it was good to go. It’s lightweight around the neck. I’m already recommending it to friends with environmental allergies.

Carer from UK
via Trustpilot UK
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What an exceptional company who really CARE about their customers , the effort , research and dedication they have put into creating the Respiray for those who need relief from allergies and / or protection from viruses is FABULOUS!

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David is wonderful with queries and a very generous and kind person

I feel SAFE with this company as they have thought of EVERYTHING eg the packaging is all completely recyclable cardboard , you can simply scan a QR code on the box to watch the easy set up video , the product feels SO well made and sturdy and well thought out , it feels of QUALITY like a LOT of effort had gone into the final product as it has and I am SO grateful to this company and would recommend them to absolutely everyone , from start to finish , courier tracking etc = PERFECT

Thank you breathingspace.co.uk I cannot say enough positive things about you , if only ALL companies were like you the world would truly be a BETTER PLACE! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Patricia from USA
via theairpurifierstore.com
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Not easy for me to put on. The buckle holes were somewhat small. The air cleaner under the chin flowed nicely and filled my lungs with clean air. The customer service for Respiray was excellent.
via [email protected]
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Last Friday I received the Respiray. Tracking GLS worked well, and delivery was fast.The package was very robust. Charging took a few hours. Putting it together with the pre and hepa filter was easy. And then I could use it.

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Putting it around my neck with the magnetic band needed a few trials before it went effortlessly. Now I use the Respiray while shopping - walking slowly so that there's least chance of side wind. I also use it at home when having visitors, and feel more safe that way (as my immunity is low).

I really like the tool. Very well put together. I would like to see many people wear one!

via usairpurifiers.com
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To be honest, I had my doubts when ordering the Respiray Wear A+ but it truly exceeded my expectations. The delivery was surprisingly fast, and the unboxing experience was enjoyable. It took a few tries to get ...

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... few tries to get used to wearing it, but once I started using the magnets on the strap, it became a breeze. The size of the device doesn't bother me. It's a small price to pay for the incredible benefits the product provides.

Now, let's talk about the results. I suffer from severe allergies, and the impact was immediate. Usually, cleaning at home triggers intense sneezing and itchiness, requiring medication, even though I have air purifiers in almost every room. With Respiray, hardly a single sneeze, and the itchiness is significantly reduced. After almost two weeks of using it every day, I feel well-prepared for this year's allergy season, especially with my hay fever. I highly recommend it to fellow allergy sufferers, and it's comforting to know it offers protection against viruses too.

via allergystore.com
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Why I have not heard about this product before? I'm thrilled I stumbled upon Respiray! Seriously, I wish I had found it years ago, but ever since I got my hands on it, I've been using it daily. It's been a game-changer. I've even managed to ...

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... cut back on the meds that usually leave me feeling all drowsy. Respiray's clean air breeze does wonders for my sneezing and those annoying itchy, watery eyes. The best part? It's like an instant fix – I switch on my Respiray, and I start feeling better right away. I can absolutely vouch for this product! Highly recommend it!

via respiray.com
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I have a strong dust allergy – this is the reason why I wanted to test this new product. I used it while cleaning my home, and I had almost no allergic reactions. I also tried it at work and was amazed to see how much better Respiray Wear A+ ...

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... makes it to breathe in a dusty environment.

via respiray.com
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At first it was a bit unusual to wear something around my neck, however I started liking it once I noticed how much better it is to breathe with this device. My fiancée also used it for her cat dander and dust allergies, and I give a ...

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... 5/5 rating for the prototype that we tested. I am looking forward to receiving the final product.

via respiray.com
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I’m allergic to basically all animals. I love animals but when I pet them or sit where they’ve been, I get a horrible allergic reaction. I was glad to test this Estonian innovation because it really worked – when visiting my parents, I could play ...

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... with their two dogs that usually make me sneeze and cry. With Wear A+ I didn’t even sneeze once. As soon as this product becomes available to purchase, I’ll buy it without hesitation!


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