filters and extras for rEspiray wear a+

What's already included in the Wear a+ box?

Respiray Wear A+ comes packaged with all the essentials you need to get started: 

Photo of What's in the box of Respiray allergy relief Wear A+

If you require any extras, you can order them here.

h12 hEpa filters for WEar a+

Photo of Respiray Wear A+ H12 HEPA Filter Pack

Each filter pack contains two H12 HEPA filters and a washable pre-filter for Wear A+. 

The HEPA filters last for approximately 200 hours of use in typical conditions, giving a total of 400 hours for each pack. The included pre-filters are washable and reusable. 

The filters are tested for 99.9% effectiveness by SGS in Michigan, USA. See the lab results

Filter subscription

Receive two filters every three months for €19.90 – free shipping.

Filter two-pack

A single purchase of two filters for €19.90, plus shipping.

Filter ten-pack

A bulk purchase of ten filters for €87.00 free shipping.

Cotton pouch for Respiray Wear A+

This compact storage bag is made from thick, durable cotton so you can conveniently store, carry and protect your Wear A+ when on the go. The pouch is eco-friendly and lightweight.

It costs only 9.90.

20 W fast-charging adapters with USB-C cables

Wear A+ comes with a USB-A to USB-C charging cable included. 

If you also need a charging adapter, then Respiray adapters cost only 14.90.

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Respiray Wear A+ wearable personal air purifier costs 139.00.

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