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Respiray Wear A+ introduces a novel approach to airborne particle avoidance

Respiray has developed an allergy reliever to alleviate the irritating and debilitating health issues caused by airborne allergens, virus and pollution particles for people worldwide. The idea originated from the personal struggles of the company’s CEO, who experienced allergies to pollen and pet dander. While remedies and relievers exist for those with airborne allergies, there is still a demand for a drug-free yet effective solution. This is especially important as medications can induce drowsiness and detachment, making them unsuitable for individuals with other health concerns. This sparked interest in the possibility of creating a personal air purifier that can effectively prevent airborne particles from entering a person’s airways. A dedicated team of designers, scientists, and engineers, along with extensive hard work, collaborated to develop and design Wear A+ — a revolutionary wearable device with the power to protect one’s health.

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What is Wear A+? What does it do and how does it work?

Respiray Wear A+ is an innovative wearable air purifier that creates a clean air zone around the user’s mouth and nose, making it significantly more effective than stationary air purifiers. Designed to be worn comfortably around the neck with an adjustable strap, this device actively draws in the surrounding air and utilizes a powerful HEPA filter to eliminate 99.9% of airborne particles, including allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, and mold. By delivering purified air to the airway vicinity, Wear A+ enables wearers to breathe freely and find much-needed relief from exhausting and debilitating health issues. It’s important to note that Wear A+ is designed for indoor use only since its fans may be overpowered by wind. You can, however, enjoy a cup of hot chocolate on your terrace during a perfectly calm day.

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A convenient and affordable air purifier necklace

Wear A+ brings back your social life, as it doesn’t cover the face, enabling the wearer to eat, drink, express emotions, and engage with others freely. In addition to providing instant relief, Respiray Wear A+ is comfortable and weighs just under 9 oz (250 g), equivalent to the weight of a larger smartphone. All you need to do is place the strap around your neck and turn it on with the click of a button. The replaceable HEPA filters can be used for up to 200 hours or six months, and they are affordable to replace when needed. The battery, which lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge, can be easily and quickly recharged when needed using the supplied USB-C charging cable.

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Lab-tested and approved technology

What sets Respiray Wear A+ wearable air purifier apart from many of its competitors is its scientifically proven effectiveness. Rigorous testing by SGS, a global leader in testing and certification, certifies the HEPA filter’s reliability in capturing 99.9% of airborne particles such as allergens, viruses, and pollutants.

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