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Protect your employees with a wearable air purifier that eliminates 99% of viruses with UV technology.

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It's time to get everyone back to work

Protecting your employees is always a good investment. Staff feel reassured their employer is taking their well-being seriously and companies get their employees back to work.

Smile and breathe freely

Easier communication

Happier clients & staff.

Long-lasting battery Long-lasting battery

Boost staff morale

Higher job satisfaction.

Attachable face shield Attachable face shield

Lower absence rate

Improved productivity.

Employees working from home

Most employees are working remotely due to the continuing global pandemic. Although many employees have returned to work, most are still unable to or are not allowed to return to work due to limited office capacity rules, or are scared of catching unwanted viruses.

Business productivity slows

Staff cannot meet customers and the general public, let alone each other. Productivity has slowed and until workers are able to return to offices, buildings and schools – this will remain.

A solution to return your staff to work

What if there was a solution that could get employees back to work and ensure they remain safe, more productive, and did not have to wear a mask?

Safely return to work with Respiray

Protect your employees using harmless invisible UV light. Respiray’s wearable air purifier disinfects 99% of viruses and other harmful pathogens.

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Is Respiray suitable for your business?

Guarantee the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

Respiray is suitable for all businesses who wish to offer extra protection for their employees against different viruses and their mutations, including the recurring flu season.

Respiray’s face mask alternative is perfect for employees where face-to-face communication is a key to performing their roles.

Current staff using Respiray work in:

Events Services
Health Care
Local Authorities
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How does Respiray’s purifier work?

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“There’s no magic wand against the virus, but a number of endeavours in combination all contribute to the exit from the pandemic. The mixture of instrumental vehicles includes vaccines, medicines, social distancing and air purifiers, that are engineered by Respiray’s product development team.”

Indrek Reimand, Deputy Secretary General at the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research
Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

Switch to a high-tech face mask alternative

Employees will feel protected whilst breathing and smiling freely.

Long-lasting battery Long-lasting battery

Improve employee & client satisfaction

Let them socialise normally without hiding behind a face mask.

Attachable face shield Attachable face shield

Be sustainable & environmentally friendly

Respiray is a reusable alternative to single-use face masks.

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