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Relieve your airborne allergies with Respiray Wear A+.


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say gOodbye to airborne allErgies with respirAy.

Respiray’s wearable air purifier is scientifically proven to drastically reduce airborne allergens from the air inhaled by the user. Respiray Wear A+ soothes the common symptoms triggered by allergies including sneezing, nasal congestion, and watery eyes.

Freedom to breathe and smile

Pet Allergy

A pet allergy is not an allergy to animals’ hair or fur – it’s actually caused by a protein that is found in their dead skin cells, saliva and urine.
Environmentally friendly

Pollen Allergy

Pollen is a common trigger for people with seasonal allergies. The allergy is widely known as “hay fever”, and it causes sneezing and a runny nose.
High-tech UV protection

Dust Allergy

A dust allergy is really an allergic reaction to mites, tiny bugs that live in household dust. The symptoms are similar to those experienced with hay fever.
High-tech UV protection

Mold Allergy

Mold is a type of fungus that produces spores and releases them into the air. It can grow in damp environments and on almost any surface.

Instant protEction agAinst allErgies.

From pets to pollen, allergies are never pleasant. They can get in the way of your everyday life, with watery eyes, an itchy nose and sneezing making everything harder.

Respiray Wear A+ is a convenient, wearable air purifier that filters out allergens in the air you breathe. It provides effective, direct protection wherever you go and is an ideal alternative to allergy medication.

NO more Allergic reactiOns.

Respiray Wear A+ provides full protection against airborne allergens in any indoor space. So, you can enjoy

cleaning indoor spaces
being around pets
working in dusty environments

The bEnefits of Respiray Wear A+.


Super-effective allergy relief

Lab tests have shown that Respiray Wear A+ effectively reduces airborne allergen particles by more than 99% thanks to its user-replaceable filters.


Wearable & very easy to use

The convenient wearability of Respiray Wear A+ ensures effective protection in any indoor space. The device is rechargeable and super-easy to use, offering fast allergy relief at the click of a button.


Efficient, Cost-Effective Filters

The device comes with two durable, replaceable filters that use powerful HEPA technology and last for up to six months. Replacement filters cost just $6 USD each.



Lightweight and Stylish

As well as being practical, Respiray Wear A+ is small and lightweight. Its simple yet stylish design makes it a cool accessory, and it’s so comfortable that you’ll probably forget you’re even wearing it!


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How does Respiray Wear A+ work?

Respiray Wear A+ takes in air, directing it through a highly effective HEPA filter that removes all airborne allergens. The filtered air is then directed towards your mouth and nose, creating an allergen-free zone around your face and ending your worries about indoor allergies.

Backed by science.

The effectiveness of Respiray Wear A+ has been confirmed by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) and SGS, the world’s leading testing and certification company based in Michigan, as well as Respiray’s own independent user testing.

Freedom to breathe and smile

Clinical Test Results

Trials conducted by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) found that Respiray Wear A+ can be recommended as an effective non-drug alternative for protection from pollen allergies.
Environmentally friendly

Filter Test Results

Test results from the world's leading testing and certification company, SGS in Michigan, showed that the device filters out 99.9% of airborne allergen particles.
High-tech UV protection

Real-Life Test Results

Respiray Wear A+ has also been independently tested by 50 people with airborne allergies, with 9 out of 10 saying that the device really helped to reduce their symptoms.

Team Respiray.

Scientists x Engineers x Designers

Over the past two years, we have produced 117 prototypes.
Now, we’ve perfected a super-effective wearable air purifier that is tested both by the world’s leading scientists and by people with allergies in their everyday lives.

Respiray team

Reviews: the Wear A+ experiEnce.

We asked our field-test participants to share their experiences. Here’s what some of them had to say about our allergy stopper:

Karl review


“At first it was a bit unusual to wear something around my neck, however I started liking it once I noticed how much better it is to breathe with this device. My fiancée also used it for her cat dander and dust allergies, and I give a 5/5 rating for the prototype that we tested. I am looking forward to receiving the final product.”

annaliis review respiray


“I have a strong dust allergy – this is the reason why I wanted to test this new product. I used it while cleaning my home, and I had almost no allergic reactions. I also tried it at work and was amazed to see how much better Respiray Wear A+ makes it to breathe in a dusty environment.”

respiray review


“I’m allergic to basically all animals. I love animals but when I pet them or sit where they’ve been, I get a horrible allergic reaction. I was glad to test this Estonian innovation because it really worked – when visiting my parents, I could play with their two dogs that usually make me sneeze and cry. With Wear A+ I didn’t even sneeze once. As soon as this product becomes available to purchase, I’ll buy it without hesitation!”


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stArt breAthing allErgen-frEe air!

Effective, Drug-Free Allergy Relief - Respiray Wear A+