Air Purifier for
Retail Staff & Shops

A wearable air purifier keeps retail staff and
their customers safe by eliminating 99%
of airborne viruses.


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“With all the new restrictions insisting you wear a facemask, it was really hard to breathe with them, and my glasses get foggy with masks. So when my colleagues asked me to try out this high-tech looking air purifier I began feeling safer and kept on wearing it, especially during flu season and other viruses.”

Janis, iPro Apple Store

Keep Retail Staff And Your Customers Safe With Respiray

Create a safe working environment.

Protect your staff and customers workers using harmless invisible UV light. Respiray’s wearable air purifier disinfects 99% of viruses and other harmful pathogens around those who wear the device.

Respiray does not cover the face, so your team does not need to wear a face mask when speaking and greeting customers. Every staff member who wears our wearable air purifier will be safeguarded against unwanted respiratory viruses and their variants.

Long-lasting battery Long-lasting battery

extra protection

Eliminates 99% of viruses and their mutations.

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

Freedom to breathe
and smile

Safe face-to-face communication without covering your face.

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

Innovation backed
by science

Independently tested at the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz

Is Respiray suitable for your store?

Guarantee the safety and wellbeing of your employees.

Respiray is suitable for all shops that wish to offer extra protection for their retail staff against different viruses and their mutations, including the recurring flu season.

Respiray’s face mask alternative is perfect for employees where face-to-face communication is a key. to performing their roles. Current staff using Respiray work in:

Supermarkets Shopping centres Pharmacies Electronics shops

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