Wearable air purifier
for hotels
and hospitality venues

Stand out as a safe, innovative and caring hotel by
protecting your staff and visitors with comfortable
and highly effective wearable air purifiers.


"As an additional safety measure, we are offering the hotel and conference centre visitors wearable air purifiers Respiray, that uses UV technology to purify 99% of the air to be breathed in and direct the purified air in the direction of the mouth and nose of the wearer"

Feliks Mägus, Nordic Hotel Forum General Manager.

Respiray for hotels
and restaurants

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to
impact hotels and hospitality venues.

One way to instil confidence in guests and hotel staff, and remain
lockdown resistant, is to use a wearable air purifier like Respiray.

Long-lasting battery Long-lasting battery

Attract more clients

Improve customer satisfaction and get customers talking about the technology you use.

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

Offer extra protection

Staff and visitors feel safe breathing virus-free air and smiling freely.

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

One-time investment

Become more sustainable and switch to reusable Respiray devices.

Get more hospitality business
– gain a competitive

"We’re looking for innovative ways to increase our guests’ wellbeing and found Respiray. Mentioning Respiray as an additional safety measure for our guests has created a lot of buzz and genuine interest. We’ve had quite a few articles in the press and social media, and are proud to be called a corona-safe hotel."

Kersti Vaino, Director of Sales & Marketing at Nordic Forum Hotels
(WorldHotels Collection)



People still feel apprehensive about travelling to hospitality events, restaurants and hotels. The standard safety measures in place- masks and hand sanitisers upon entry and keeping your distance to 2 metres are simply not enough anymore.

Hotel guests and restaurant customers now expect hospitality venues to have innovative COVID-safety protocols.

Hotels and hospitality venues that employ COVID-safe technology will be chosen over other venues that do not guarantee their safety.

In effect, an investment in this technology will guarantee more business and ensure that the venue can remain open during rising coronavirus cases.

Why should your business use Respiray?

Respiray is a wearable air purifier for hotels and hospitality businesses that eliminates 99% of respiratory viruses and their mutations. It offers extra protection as the wearer breathes virus-free air whilst not covering their face. The device disinfects the air we breathe with the latest UV technology.

Long-lasting battery Long-lasting battery

Safe UV-C Technology

Doesn’t produce ozone and any other chemicals.

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

High-Tech Protection

Eliminates 99% of respiratory viruses and their mutations

Smile and breathe freely Long-lasting battery

Innovation Backed By Science

Independently tested at the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz.

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