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The story of
[Customer Name]

In this section, provide a more in-depth overview on our customer. If it’s an individual, explain the person’s background in the context of Respiray. If it’s a business, talk about the company’s background, industry, and any recent successes in the news.

Also, briefly explain the challenges or opportunities the customer faced before they did business with you. This will make the improvement metrics have a greater impact on the reader.

Lastly, end this section by quickly explaining why the customer decided to do business with you to face these challenges/opportunities.

Why [Customer Name]
chose Respiray

In this section, speak about the decision process of our customer. Speak about how they discovered Respiray, what other solutions else they considered, and what made them ultimately decide to select Respiray. Specific features of Respiray that help us stand out from competitors should be referenced here.

The [Challenge/
the customer faced]
before Respiray

Explain the challenge or opportunity in front of the customer before they started using Respiray. This could be either a reactive reason (i.e. the customer had an issue that needed to be addressed) or a proactive reason (i.e. there was untapped potential that was unleashed by working with our business).

How [Customer Name]
used Respiray

In this section, talk about how the customer started using Respiray to better their lives and/or their business. This section should mention specific features unique to Respiray that made their success possible.

If available, include at least one new, or longer quote from our customer in this section for their point of view.

The results

In closing, speak to the results our customer saw after using Respiray. This
section can be supported by statements, quotes, visuals, graphs, and metrics.
Whatever we decide to include, be sure it illustrates how much of an impact
Respiray made on the customer.

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