PÖFF Film Festival using Respiray

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About PÖFF

PÖFF, the Black Nights Film Festival, is one of Northern Europe’s largest film festivals. The film festival hosts more than 1,000 guests, industry delegates, and over 160 journalists. The Estonian based festival screens around 250 features and more than 300 shorts and animations and witnesses 71,200 people attend annually.

The story of the Black Nights Film Festival

In Estonia, the winter nights become very dark. So, it is ideal for filling the dark (black) nights with bright film experiences on cinema screens and attracting filmmakers from different corners of the world.

The Black Nights Film Festival (Pimedate Ööde Filmifestival, or PÖFF in Estonian) aims to present a selection of world cinema to audiences across Estonia, the Baltic and Northern Europe. Each year, PÖFF is supported by both partners and over 300 volunteers.

With the coronavirus still rampaging through society, the organisers of PÖFF used Respiray to aid them in keeping the most famous film festival in Estonia open to audiences and attendees worldwide.


The challenge PÖFF faced before using Respiray

Social distancing has meant that we must keep at least 2 metres apart at events. This was practically impossible in the traditional film festival format for the Black Nights Film Festival unless it went virtual.

PÖFF needed a technological solution to support in-person events whilst protecting staff and attendees.

Why PÖFF chose Respiray

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many ways of living around the world. The coronavirus and subsequent restrictions also impacted film festivals and movie attendance.

The future of film, media and business events is changing, with film festivals either being cancelled, postponed or switched to a hybrid event over the health and safety of their attendees and staff.

PÖFF wanted to keep the traditional format of their film festival (screenings, awards, mingling) whilst still keeping everyone safe. With Respiray’s wearable air purifier, they could do that.


How PÖFF used Respiray

All staff members and industry guests of PÖFF and those presenting awards were given Respiray wearable air purifiers to move freely around the film festival – discussing the winning films and presenting the awards.

The results

Nothing quite beats the in-person experience and anticipation of meeting others to further your career or business. But event planners must realise, as PÖFF did, that they must adopt newer technologies to keep them running to survive. For instance, all 1,204 foreign guests at the film festival were wearing the devices as they participated in various film programmes, networking and workshops.

“I am very proud that PÖFF has always focused on innovative solutions. We are happy to work with Estonian scientists and entrepreneurs to introduce their innovations in Estonia and worldwide.”

Tiina Lokk-Tramberg, Festival Director