Nordic Hotel Forum using Respiray

Hospitality industry

Nordic Hotel Forum Hotel Introduction

Nordic Hotel Forum, a modern four-star hotel in the city centre of Tallinn, has made one of the sector’s biggest investments in recent years in the amount of €12.5 million.

The Nordic Hotel Forum is a modern business and conference hotel in the very heart of Tallinn, at a prominent location on the edge of the picturesque Tallinn Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The story of Nordic Hotel Forum

The Nordic Hotel Forum was reopened after a full renovation in August 2021. The entire hotel has had a thorough makeover, from all 258 hotel rooms to a conference centre and restaurants. They were looking for innovative ways to increase their guests’ well being and sense of safety in addition to the highest standards of hygiene and cleaning protocols.

The concerns over staff and guest safety before Respiray

Understandably customers’ main focus will be on health and safety issues. The service and hospitality industry has suffered most during the pandemic and it is imperative to protect both employees and guests.

Why Nordic Hotel Forum chose Respiray

They were looking for innovative solutions to safeguard their guests and employees and found that Respiray’s wearable air purifiers fit well alongside the other preventive measures they are using.

How Nordic Hotel Forum used Respiray

The Nordic Hotel Forum used Respiray in their conference centres so that business events can continue to book events knowing that every attendee is safe and protected from any viruses.

The results

Offering Respiray wearable devices to their conference attendees has brought them new business and extra events bookings.

Respiray has helped the Nordic Hotel stand out from the competitors and showcase how they are a modern and safe hotel using innovative technology.


“It has been a very positive experience, mentioning Respiray as an additional safety measure for our guests has created quite a lot of buzz and genuine interest. We had quite a few articles in the press and social media, and we are proud to be called the corona-safest hotel in Estonia.”

Kersti Vaino, Sales & Marketing Director, Nordic Hotels