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hOttest uv technology sOlutions in 2022

**Updated 1st December 2021**

Harnessed for decades, UV technology solutions have been deployed in providing a range of products widely used by society across the globe.

Consumers and businesses forgot its advantages in disinfecting environments until the COVID-19 pandemic saw its benefits in eliminating the virus.

Safer, cheaper and more effective than current commercial technology, UV technology solutions began to grow as households and offices sought to protect loved ones and employees from viruses, including flu and the common cold, from spreading.

But what UV technology solutions are there for people to use? They range from washing machines to toilets to wearable air purifiers. The list is limitless.

This article will focus on the hottest UV technology that is in growing demand. Namely:

  • wearable, portable and non-wearable air purifiers
  • UV-C disinfection and sterilisation boxes
  • air conditioners

UV Air Purifiers

Respiray UV-C LED Wearable Air Purifier

Estonian company Respiray developed an innovative wearable air purifier that uses more effective UV-C light to inactivate 99%* of harmful pathogens in the air. Crucially, the UV technology device does not cover the wearer’s face or restrict their breathing.

Using patent-pending technology, Respiray uses UV-C LEDs that are less harmful than other UV light types and are encased in a protected module. Respiray’s UV-C LEDs are ozone-free and being used in offices, hotels, schools and at home.

As Respiray is the only wearable air purifier, it is the leading UV LED technology that protects the wearer at all times. Respiray can be used on the go like other air purifiers in the home, table and office, but it is the only one that is wearable. Plus, you can rest it on your desk tabletop and have it blow air into your face, so if you do not wish to wear it on your shoulders, you don’t have to!

Respiray uv technology

Le Fuqi UV-A LED Air Purifier

Luftqi in Taiwan launched a personal air purifier, Luft Duo, last year. The compact and portable air purifier adopts SPP photocatalyst technology, which effectively neutralises in-air pollutants, critical in heavily built-up cities. 

It is actively decomposing carcinogenic organic gases VOCs, viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Its UV-A LED technology is also ozone-free, although UV-C is more effective at killing pathogens.

Source: LUFTQI

Osram UV-C Air Purifier

Osram’s UV-C air purifier is a nifty portable air purifier that can be taken with you on the move, including in your car as it is small enough. The device kills 99% of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms in your surroundings at home or in the office.

It has several devices that are all effective at killing pathogens. Still, unlike the Respiray device, it does not directly protect the wearer, only the surrounding indoor areas.

Furthermore, the device uses a mercury lamp which lasts approximately a year compared to 3 to 3.5 years for LEDs. Plus, it has a very short battery life at only 1.5 hours, and if dropped, could break easily.

Source: Professional and Industrial Applications (osram.com)

RxAir UV Air Purifier

RxAir UV Air Purifier uses UV-C technology in its purifying process, inactivating 99.9% of indoor air pollutants.

RxAir is FDA-cleared, and the upright air purifier works to eliminate indoor air pollution including viruses, bacteria and fungi using UV-C light, including coronaviruses and influenza. 

Being a larger unit, you will be required to move it from room to room in larger households.

Source: RxAir

LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier

The LG PuriCare Mini Air Purifier is a portable device that is more akin to a handheld smartphone in that it has Bluetooth, a wrist strap and is very lightweight for the user.

Although this version does not contain UV LEDs, it is getting an honourable mention in this list due to its portability, which is useful for those on the move a lot. However, although it purifies air, it does not disinfect as well as other devices that use UV LED technology.


Molekule Air Mini+

With its stylish white exterior and vegan leather handle, the Molekule Air Mini+ is great to sanitise the air you breathe with its combination of HEPA air filtration and UV light technology (though it must be stated that it uses UV-A instead of UV-C, which is the least effective at inactivating viruses).

Source: Air Mini+

UV-C LED Disinfection & Sterilisation Boxes

[DISCONTINUED] Mophie UV-C Sanitizer and Charger

The Mophie UV-C Sanitiser and Charger is one of the most straightforward tech implementations on this list. You simply open the lid, place your phone or wallet inside, close the top, and press the button on the side. In five minutes, your item has been sanitised on all sides. The sanitisation is heat-free. Any non-porous thing you need to be sterilised can be done, provided it fits within the device.

Source: mophie UV sanitizer with wireless charging

LG Tone Free

A problem with wireless headphones is that they accumulate ear wax and other bodily fluids from the ear. The LG Tone Free sterilises the earbuds with virus-inactivating UV-C each time you use to charge them in the case. However, it is misleading as the soft blue glow emitting from the case gives the impression that it is sanitising the entire earphones. 

But UV-C is invisible, and the UV-C LEDs are tiny and targeted; they are sanitising inside the earbud around the speakers’ protective layer, not the entire earphone per se. If you wish to clean the outside, you will need to use a device like the Mophie Sanitiser. 

Source: LG TONE Free UVnano FN6 Wireless Earbuds w/ Meridian Audio

[Discontinued] The Crazy Cap UV-C Water Bottle Purifier Cap

This unique water steriliser will help you when you’re worried to drink tap water whilst travelling around, camping or drinking from a water source that you don’t fully trust.

Source: The CrazyCap

[Discontinued] CASETiFY UV-C Phone Sanitizer

With mobile phones being the centre of our lives, they became easy places to attract pathogens. In response, CASETify has launched a UV disinfection box to clean and sterilise phones. 

The sterilising box use mercury-free UV-C lamps, effectively removing viruses and bacteria within 3 minutes. It can be also used to sanitize other smaller items such as: glasses, wallets, watches, jewelry and more.

Naturally, this is only for phones and is not a device to help with personal and office disinfection.

Source: CASETiFY

[Discontinued] Moshi UVC LED Sterilisation Box

Taiwan’s Moshi soon followed suit and launched the portable ultraviolet sterilisation box Deep Purple, which adopts a foldable design. This cool box has eight ultraviolet UV-C LED lights emitting UV-C sterilisation light from the device’s base. 

It can be cleaned and sterilised in all directions without turning over the equipment. It looks very professional and can be taken with you. Again, designed for mobile phone use only.

Source: Moshi

UV LED Air Conditioners & UV-C Fans

Xiaomi UVC Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner

Xiaomi launched a UV-C Mijia Fresh Air Conditioner Premium Edition at the press conference. The device is equipped with a UVC deep ultraviolet sterilisation system with a disinfecting rate of 99.9%. 

Unlike other UV LED air purifiers, air conditioners are fasted to a wall, meaning they cannot be moved around.

Source: Xiaomi

Haier UV LED Air Conditioner

Another air conditioner that uses UV LEDs is from Haier Group – the UV Clean Pro. The new model is only sold in India.

The air conditioner contains UV-C sterilisation with built-in UV LEDs to kill viruses in the air circulating through the air inlet and then release the purified air.

Source: Haier

Haiku UV-C Fan

The Haiku UV-C is more like the propeller of some classic flying machine than your standard ceiling fan. Once the Haiku UV-C fan is installed, there are no pulls or switches to turn on. Instead, the fan is operated with an optional remote control or a smartphone app. 

The UV-C is a ring of UV-C LEDs at the ceiling, creating a ‘virus kill zone’ that sanitises the air circulated through the fan’s blades. Although getting a lot of media coverage, the cost of the fan is not for the faint-hearted!

Source: Haiku with UV-C Technology

UV LED Germicidal Lamps

Targus UVC LED disinfection lamp

Accessory brand manufacturer Targus launched a UV-C LED disinfection lamp designed with a stand-alone base. It can regularly disinfect the mouse and keyboard, and other equipment in the office. 

The lamp works for five minutes every hour, disinfecting the working area of the user. This UV LED lamp is an excellent desktop-based LED solution for office workers but does not protect them when they leave the desk area.

Source: Targus

[Discontinued] SurfaceSoap UV Wand

SurfaceSoap UV is a portable, powerful disinfection wand for home, work, and everywhere between. This nifty little device can easily fit into desk drawers or laptop bags and can easily be used to disinfect a surface quickly as its UV-C inactivates 99.99% of viruses. Plus, wizard fans will love its wand-like appearance!

Source: SurfaceSoap UV

UV technology solutions are on the rise

UV technology solutions are becoming more innovative in ways you can only imagine.

Our research found examples of UV technology in wardrobes, toothbrush holders, and toilets!

COVID-19 has caused our world to take stock and prepare for changes in how we will return to ‘normal’ – work, travel, and at home.

UV technology has been used for generations to fight airborne pathogens. Sadly, it has often been seen as a gimmick or is associated with several false myths on its dangers.

Yet, its applications are endless. With more on the horizon, it is evident that our society will soon widely embrace the need for more UV technology solutions.

**Please note: Respiray’s air purifier is not a medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and in circumstances where medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment is recommended, you should consult a health care professional. Please remember that the use of our wearable air purifier does not replace the recommended measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. Follow the latest guidelines and rules of your local authorities and health care professionals.

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