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Use cases of Respiray Wear A+

What does Wear A+ mean? 

Have you ever wondered about the meaning behind the name of our product, Wear A+? Allow us to break it down for you: 

“Wear” for wearable: As the name suggests, this innovation from Respiray is a wearable device that is designed to be worn by the user. 

“A” for allergies: The product’s primary mission is simple: Combatting those pesky allergens. 

“+” for added benefits: There’s more to this device than meets the eye, and it offers multiple uses in addition to allergy protection. 

The best solution for protection from airborne allergies 

Respiray’s previous device, which was designed as a wearable air disinfectant, was a game-changer. Its groundbreaking use of UV-C LED-powered disinfection modules ensured that users could freely enjoy mask-free interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic with no risk to their safety. 

Having said that, while the device proved a formidable ally in the battle against airborne pathogens, it wasn’t equipped to handle minuscule allergenic particles. This drove us to develop Wear A+, which is armed with a more suitable weapon – the HEPA filter. 

And the outcome surpassed our expectations; extensive lab tests have revealed that its efficacy rivals, or even exceeds, conventional allergy medications and even immunotherapy. 

The bonus features that make wear a+ even better 

Respiray Wear A+ has now been available since spring 2023, and in that short time we’ve already received feedback from our users about some very interesting bonus use cases. 

A sensation of fresh air wherever you are 

Some users just love the fresh breeze from our device 

In the process of removing harmful particles from the air, Wear A+ creates a cool air breeze around the user’s face. For some, that sensation of air movement makes hot environments more bearable to be in, while others find it makes breathing in a room full of CO2 easier. 

White noise generator 

An unexpected perk 

Our intent was to create a whisper-quiet device. But it turns out that in the serenity of home office spaces and other rooms, Wear A+ actually serves as a portable ambient white noise machine for the office. For those unacquainted, white noise can boost concentration and enhance productivity. Interested in the benefits of white noise? Check out this article, which explains more and presents some options. 

Protection against pollution 

Respiray Wear A+ filters out particulate matter 

Harmful pollutants, including notorious PM2.5 particles, can infiltrate our bloodstream. With fine dust from wildfires, traffic and industrial waste becoming increasingly prevalent, these particles often find their way indoors; Wear A+ acts as your safeguard against this menace, making it the perfect air purifier for city pollution. Curious about PM2.5? Learn more here

A reduction in respiratory diseases 

The HEPA filter catches viruses and bacteria 

While our pioneering debut device, a wearable personal air purifier for viruses and bacteria, set the benchmark in wearable viral defense, Wear A+ still filters out over 99% of viruses and bacteria, providing an effective barrier against illness. It may not shield you from close-range sneezes or coughs, but it’s your best defense against diseases like COVID-19, the flu and the common cold. 

Photo - A man wearing Wear A+ Wearable Personal Air Purifier against pet dander from his dog on his lap - one of the many use cases of Respiray

Where Wear A+ really shines 


Protect yourself on planes, trains and buses where the air quality is unpredictable. 


In workplaces exposed to airborne impurities, you can enjoy your very own personal clean air zone. 

Public gatherings

At bustling events or on public transport, Wear A+ minimizes your exposure to airborne threats. 


For healthcare professionals in areas with an increased presence of airborne pathogens or subpar air quality, Wear A+ can provide an additional protective shield alongside standard PPE. 

So much more than just clean air 

Respiray Wear A+ isn’t just a wearable personal air purifier for allergies: It’s a revolution, and it’s tailored for your health and comfort. So, dive into a world of purified air and enjoy the abundance of additional benefits offered by Wear A+! 

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