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How to breathe clean air when traveling or on public transport - Respiray Wear A+ blog

how to brEathe clean air when trAveling?

Our dear colleague Indrek travels often. He has discovered firsthand how useful is Respiray Wear A+ for travelers. Here are Indrek’s thoughts on how Respiray Wear A+ can benefit anyone who frequently travels, uses public transportation, or spends time in poorly ventilated spaces.

indrek’s story:

Breathe clean air when traveling

How important is good air quality?

“During the pandemic, we all became amateur virologists. So did I. However that’s history, and we now have new issues to discuss and solve.

It made us all think more about the quality of the air we breathe. We all know that stuffy rooms should be avoided. But sometimes we have no choice and we have to spend time in spaces with poor ventilation. There are moments when you feel that ‘the air is thick.’

For example, when you enter the plane and the airplane’s engines have not yet started, and there is no clean air coming into the cabin. In general, the quality of air in the plane is fine, but there are moments when you sense that breathing feels heavy, like at airports.”

Why breathing clean air is important?

“I really don’t want to inhale all the viruses and bacteria that are in the air. This creates quite a challenge for the immune system. In the past, when I flew several times a week, my body could not always handle it. I got the flu a few times during the autumn and winter season.”

How to breathe clean air when traveling?

“Situations like these can be avoided. You need to breathe clean air. Not entirely clean, but such that contains a low concentration of virus and allergen particles. An amount that your body can easily handle.

On my recent flight, I was prepared and took the wearable air purifier Wear A+ along. Once on the plane, I put it on and immediately felt better.

I dare to recommend Respiray Wear A+ to frequent flyers or individuals who often use public transportation where clean air is not always guaranteed. It pays off.

Truly yours,
Indrek Neivelt“

Travel safe and breathe clean air everywhere

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