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Blog Cover Photo - How Respiray Wear A+ wearable air purifier ensures good air quality

How Respiray Wear A+ ensures good air quality? 

The evolution of Respiray’s wearable air purifiers 

At the outset of our journey with Respiray Wear A+, we’d already amassed plentiful experience in the arena of personal air purifiers thanks to our anti-viral device – feedback showed that the device can offer a remarkable 90%+ protection against formidable foes like COVID-19. Building on that success, our mission with Wear A+ was clear: Create a smaller, lighter, more comfortable wearable air purifier that offers protection from airborne allergens and other irritants without compromising on efficacy. 

Understanding the design challenges of wearable air purifiers 

1. Proximity to the airways 

The efficiency of a wearable purifier, also known as an air purifier necklace, is directly proportional to how close the device is to the user’s mouth and nose. Although there are multiple factors involved, the rule of thumb is that the further the device is from the face, the more potentially unclean ambient air will mix with the purified air. The design of Respiray Wear A+ passes this test by resting snugly on the user’s chest, ensuring close proximity without blocking the face. 

2. Air delivery dynamics 

A visualization of CFD analysis proving how Respiray Wear A+ ensures good air quality
A visualization of Respiray Wear A+ CFD analysis 

This aspect is not just about the volume of air delivered, but also its angle and speed. Air moving at higher speeds might drag in some of the surrounding air, diluting the purified supply. If the air supply moves too slowly on the other hand, it’s susceptible to contamination caused by ambient air movement. Our meticulous real-world testing, backed by advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, ensures that over two-thirds of the air inhaled is coming from Wear A+ – a feat achieved without obstructing the user’s face. 

3. The air purification mechanism 

Our previous device harnessed the power of UV-C LEDs, which are superbly efficient against viruses and bacteria. But the downside was that this made it power hungry, and it also proved less efficient when it came to protecting against pollutant and allergen particles. With Respiray Wear A+, we transitioned to a HEPA filtration system, which offers an impressive 99.7% efficiency against the most penetrating particle size (MPPS) – the most challenging kind of particle to deal with – all while keeping fan noise to a whisper. 

Unlocking maximum protection from your Wear A+: Our expert tips 

1. Perfecting the fit 

Achieving the ideal fit is paramount to maximizing the efficiency of Respiray Wear A+. Fortunately, the device comes with an adjustable strap that is designed to cater to different body types. Before you start using Wear A+, it’s essential that you take a moment or two to adjust the strap, ensuring that the device rests comfortably on the chest while remaining as close as possible to the mouth and nose. Proper positioning ensures optimal air delivery and minimizes any dilution of the purified air with unclean ambient air. 

By investing a few seconds to ensure the right fit, you will both enhance your safety and maximize the protection provided by Respiray Wear A+ 

When Respiray Wear A+ strap is too loose then the device is less protective
Too loose
Photo of Respiray Wear A+ wearable personal air purifier with strap adjusted too short
Overly snug
The right strap length on Respiray Wear A+ ensures good air quality and best protection
Just right

2. Navigating ambient air 

Without a protective visor, Respiray Wear A+ is more vulnerable to strong ambient air movements. This means that if you’re taking it with you while going for a run or stepping out in windy conditions, you should be aware that the air movement inherent to these outdoor activities can disrupt the buffer zone of clean air created by the device, reducing its efficiency. However, Respiray Wear A+ has a high fan speed mode that can help counteract this effect, maintaining the delivery of clean air in conditions where there is a low level of air movement. 

With Respiray Wear A+, you and your air can be friends again 

A device with diverse uses 

From combatting allergens to warding off airborne pathogens, Wear A+ offers a variety of beneficial applications. If you want to know more, dive deeper with our series of informative blog posts

The real-world impact 

Respiray Wear A+ ensures super-effective protection from airborne allergens, pollutants and pathogens – but don’t just take our word for it. A recent study by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) revealed that the allergy relief provided by our device equaled or even surpassed that of many popular allergy medications. 

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