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future: 3 air pOllution solutions to breathe clEan air wherever yOu go

Air pollution: an invisible threat

According to a study conducted by World Health Organisation (WHO), 99% of the world’s population breathes polluted air, causing various diseases. That is almost everyone. Additionally, an increasing number of individuals are allergic to airborne particles, not to mention the viruses we recognised more during the Corona years. This issue is of significant importance, although many fail to recognize it. Slowly more and more people are becoming aware of it. 

Top 3 air pollution solutions: what works and what’s next?

Pollute less

This is a partial solution, but it does not solve the problem of allergy sufferers. It also does not eliminate viruses. To minimize pollution takes decades if not more.

Wear a mask

A common modern practice. The problem with it is that there are particles in the exhaled air that stick to the mask which we then inhale. Also, we cannot see a wearer’s face and emotions. Probably, there are scientists already working on this topic, and we have new materials in the works that will reduce this problem in the future.

Use a wearable air purifier

Use a portable wearable air purifier that, for maximum effectiveness, is placed as close as possible to the person’s mouth and nose. Ideally, it does not cover a person’s face and is lightweight and simple to use. The further the device is from a person’s mouth and nose, the more the clean air mixes with the surrounding air and the device’s efficiency becomes lower. With Respiray wearable air purifier, the inhaled air is about 5 times cleaner than the surrounding air. The device itself catches as much as 99.9% of airborne particles.

At Respiray, we’ve collaborated with engineers, scientists, and designers to create an effective device without compromising on functionality. We have worked for over three years on optimizing the device’s air flow and we clean the air with both UV-C light and HEPA filters. There are different options for different airborne particles.

Vision: personal clean air with you

We believe that clean air is crucial, and wearable air purifiers become as popular as shoes.  For very many it looks a bit strange to have a personal air purifier. But it has always been so with new products: starting from shoes till mobile phones. We wonder how our ancestors viewed those who were the first to wear shoes. 

Just as footwear comes in different designs, colors, and sizes for various purposes, future portable air purifiers will offer a range of options to choose from. People come in different shapes and sizes, so they can choose the design that suits them best.

We are certain that some air purifiers of the future will turn into style elements with little to no function, much like high-heeled shoes. However, there is still a long way to go. Initially, our focus is on enhancing air quality to prevent allergies, diseases, and premature deaths. We envision a future with specialized air purifier stores where you can select from different devices, finding both Philips and Gucci portable air purifiers on the shelves. And of course, pioneering Respiray’s products will be among them.

Step into future today

The air pollution problem is getting more and more serious. Breathe clean air thanks to your very own wearable air purifier to get effective protection against air pollution, diseases, allergies, microplastics and other dangerous airborne particles.

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