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Photo - When pills aren’t an option - Exploring a drug-free path to allergy relief - Respiray Wear A+ blog

when pills arEn’t an option: exploring a drug-free pAth to allergy relief 

People struggling with airborne allergies are well acquainted with the extremely irritating symptoms that can be inflicted by allergens like pollen, dust and pet dander: the itchy eyes, the runny nose, the bouts of sneezing and, in severe cases, even asthma attacks. It’s a discomfort that can turn the most beautiful spring day into a nightmare and the usually comforting sanctuary of home into a horrific chamber of sneezes. 

Ideally, these poor souls can access some form of medication or treatment that provides relief. Yet sadly, many find that certain allergy drugs are either ineffective or come with side effects that can feel as debilitating as the allergies themselves, not to mention the risk of antihistamine addiction. Drowsiness and dry mouth are two of the most common side effects, and even more severe reactions can often occur, emphasizing the need for an alternative solution. 

There are a few options open to those seeking to get their allergic reactions under control; here are some of the main ones. 


While the obvious answer to evading an allergic reaction would be to eliminate exposure to airborne allergens from the outset, this isn’t always feasible. After all, we all need to breathe and we can’t exactly ask Mother Nature to simply stop pollinating. And when it comes to parting with furry family members, that is often unrealistic, not to mention a heartbreaking prospect. With that in mind, let’s shift our focus onto how we can actively protect ourselves from these airborne foes. 

home ventilation systems 

On the surface, a well-maintained ventilation system with an excellent filtration mechanism seems like a plausible option. Yet, when we factor in the financial implications, energy consumption and maintenance of such systems this suddenly becomes a daunting undertaking. High-efficiency filters that trap minute allergen particles are notably expensive to replace, and the energy costs that come with running a comprehensive home system can be prohibitive. 

stationary air purifiers 

Air purifiers present a more accessible alternative to a home ventilation system – but are they a winning solution? Well, they aren’t without their flaws. For one, they are limited to purifying the air in a single room. And if you have a roving allergen source – say, a shedding cat – the purifier will struggle to keep you protected when Mr. Whiskers decides to snuggle up to you on the couch, far from your purification device. 

Photo - stationary air purifier doesn't help with allergies when the pollutant is between you and the air purifier

wearable air purifiers 

Wearable air purifiers are a game-changer, and Respiray Wear A+ is the cream of the crop. Instead of trying to control the whole of your home environment, why not focus your attention directly on the air you breathe? This cutting-edge personal air purifier necklace, worn conveniently on the chest, acts as your very own shield against airborne allergens. Its HEPA filter strips the air you inhale of any harmful particles, offering effective relief with no need for medication. 

Photo - wearable personal air purifier Wear A+ is always with you and protects instantly

Wear A+ offers relief from allergens – and medication side-effects 

The results of our clinical trials at the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) indicated that Respiray’s wearable air purifier outperformed even some of the most trusted allergy medications and immunotherapy treatments. It’s not just a wearable device; for those suffering with airborne allergies, it’s wearable freedom. 

Allergies might be unavoidable for some, but struggling and suffering with them doesn’t have to be. The future of overcoming airborne allergies isn’t in a pill bottle – but it could very well be in a device you wear over your heart. 

Welcome to a new era of breathing easy! 

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