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Illustrative blog cover - Allergy Expert Insights and Universal Allergy Relief - Respiray Wear A+ personal air purifier

allergy expert insIghts and univErsal allergy relief

Respiray’s founder shares stories and insights from allergy experts. Discover the individual problems and the universal allergy relief solution to airborne allergies.

Indrek Neivelt just arrived from the 18th German Allergy Congress and this inspired our founder to share the key insights and the following with you.

Image of Respiray Founder Indrek Neivelt wearing Universal allergy relief that lets you Breathe clean air when traveling

Letter from the founder at Respiray:

Personal differences: Insights from allergy experts

Over the past year, I have had numerous conversations with allergy doctors and scientists. All these doctors and scientists say the same thing: every person is unique, and there are no universal solutions. Feedback from our customers echoes this sentiment, showing just how different people are.

The varied responses to allergy medications

Medicines work for most, but not for all. Some individuals become drowsy after taking allergy medicine and can’t drive for a while. Consequently, they have to switch to another medicine. Some even experience seizures after taking certain allergy medications. Clearly, people respond differently, and medicines can have varied effects. Research has also shown that individuals with allergies have a higher likelihood of developing asthma.

The importance of allergen-free air

One certainty is that breathing allergen-free air won’t result in allergic reactions like red eyes or other symptoms. Truly clean air is only found in specialized environments. Generally speaking, when we refer to “clean air”, it’s about air with a concentration of pathogens that’s manageable for the body.

The unique challenge of airborne allergies

Airborne allergies present a unique challenge. For instance, while it’s relatively easy to avoid certain foods if one is allergic to them, avoiding airborne allergens is trickier.

If someone is allergic to, say, milk or flour products, they can omit them from their diet.

However, air is indispensable. We can’t replace it, and we can only survive without oxygen for a few minutes.

Respiray Wear A+ and allergy medications: complementary paths to universal allergy relief

When we introduced Respiray Wear A+, our aim was to offer a device that assists those with airborne allergies and provides immediate relief. Medication might take time to take effect, but Respiray, being close to the respiratory tract, offers instant protection.

Different people require different approaches. It might be beneficial initially to try managing with just clean air and no medicines. However, it’s always wise to keep medicines at hand. Everyone has their unique strategy to combat allergies. It’s not a matter of medicines versus Respiray; both can be effective, and individuals should find what combination suits them best.

In this blog post, we cover:

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