Our mission is to transform the way we fight against harmful viruses and bacteria by using cutting-edge UV technology. We’re focused on developing innovative and sustainable products that help to protect people’s health.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us the devastating consequences of respiratory viruses. At Respiray, we’re transforming the way we fight against harmful bacteria and viruses. Our wearable air purifier uses UV-C technology to disinfect the air we breathe in — providing protection without the need to cover our faces. Vaccines are beginning to have a huge impact against the current pandemic, but this and future viruses will not just disappear. That’s why it’s crucial we have additional solutions to protect ourselves and those around us.”

Indrek Neivelt, Chief Executive Officer at Respiray.


Our story.

The background.

Respiray emerged from one of the world’s biggest UV LED buyers, Ldiamon. Operating for more than 10 years, Ldiamon is an expert in designing and manufacturing medical UV-C LED sensors for leading medical companies across Europe. The Ldiamon team includes leading scientists that have partnered with Estonian, German and Russian universities to transform medical practices through UV technology.

The beginning.

Respiray was born in early 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck. It was clear that front-line workers across the globe lacked sufficient personal protective equipment (PPE). And the PPE they did have at their disposal was mainly single-use surgical masks which are typically uncomfortable, awkward to breathe through and unsustainable. These challenges led us to develop ways to fight viruses and protect our health. 

The lightbulb moment.

It all started with our engineer, who believed that the ordinary face mask could be upgraded for the 21st century by using UV technology. After all, UV light has been used as a disinfectant for decades, but has never been incorporated into wearable devices.

Our team of experts and scientists began working on a high-tech face mask alternative that would eliminate the need to cover a face or restrict breathing. Crucial to this concept was the idea that people could protect themselves while still able to talk and show their facial expressions as normal.

The future of health protection.

The Respiray wearable air purifier features innovative UV-C disinfection technology that has been proven to inactivate deadly viruses and bacteria. Our solution provides long-term protection without side effects and people can talk and smile freely again. Our device has been independently tested by the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz, where our patent-pending UV-C module achieved over 99%* effectiveness at inactivating different viruses and bacteria.

Through our innovative air disinfection technology, we can help to stop the spread of deadly viruses and save lives.

Meet our key people.

We work to make the world a safer place and you could be part of our our mission.


Indrek Neivelt


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Head of Business Development

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