virus-free air.

A wearable air purifier that eliminates over 99%* of viruses and bacteria with UV technology.


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Stay safe with Respiray.

Respiray’s wearable air purifier gives extra protection against respiratory viruses. It uses the latest UV technology to disinfect the air we breathe and eliminates viruses immediately.

Our patent-pending UV-C module breaks down and inactivates the DNA and RNA of harmful viruses, and blows 99%* of purified air to the front of your face. The device purifies up to 55 litres of air per minute — up to 4x more than an average resting human breathes.

We use the highest quality UV-C LEDs that operate in a very narrow range of UV-C light at 265nm, which doesn’t produce ozone. The device is fully light-sealed so that no UV light can escape. This ensures that it’s safe for human use and that it doesn’t cause any health problems.

This product is a non-medical device.

High-Tech Protection for Everyone.

Enjoy breathing and smiling in public again!

Respiray’s wearable air purifier is perfectly suited for those in public-facing environments where communication and facial expressions are a key part of the role: teachers, retail and office workers, and other front-line staff. A great solution for employers to protect their staff and get people back to work.

Respiray keeps you and your family safe in any social situation: visiting relatives, going shopping or meeting for coffee.

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A new era of virus protection.

We fight viruses with invisible UV light.
Freedom to breathe and smile Freedom to breathe and smile

Freedom to breathe and smile

Doesn’t restrict breathing or cover your face – share your smile with the world again.
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly

Innovation Backed By Science

Independently tested at the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz
High-tech UV protection High-tech UV protection

High-tech UV protection

Invisible UV light inactivates over 99%* of viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

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Independent Test Results.

“The efficiency test of the UV-C module was performed on alphavirus to research if and how effectively the device inactivates virus particles. Alphavirus is a similar single-stranded RNA-genome virus to SARS-CoV-2 and both viruses are comparable in size: approximately 70-100 nanometers. The results concluded that 99,4% of the virus particles were inactivated. It’s important to highlight the significance of these findings, because the remaining diminutive concentration of virus particles is very unlikely to cause infection in the target organism”

Ph.D. Liane Viru, Head of Biosafety Core Facility at the University of Tartu

Are you ready to breathe and smile in public again?

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