Say goodbye
to your allergies.

Respiray Wear A+ is a protection
against all airborne allergies.


virus-free air

You can now live fully and meet people safely by having your personal virus-free air cloud thanks to the Respiray wearable air purifier.


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Beat viruses with Respiray.

Beta, Delta, Omicron – UV-C inactivates them all.

Respiray’s wearable air purifier gives immediate protection against respiratory viruses without covering your face and emotions.

Our award-winning UV technology breaks down and inactivates the DNA and RNA of harmful pathogens, and blows 99%* of virus-free air to the front of your face.

Respiray gives extra protection and peace of mind when visiting crowded, poorly ventilated or enclosed indoor environments.​

Breathe virus-free air everywhere you go!

This product is a non-medical device.

High-Tech Protection for Everyone.

Enjoy breathing and smiling in public again!

Respiray’s wearable air purifier is perfectly suited for those in public-facing environments where communication and facial expressions are a key part of the role: teachers, retail and office workers, and other front-line staff. A great solution for employers to protect their staff and get people back to work.

Respiray keeps you and your family safe in any social situation: visiting relatives, going shopping or meeting for coffee.

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A new era of virus protection.

We fight viruses with invisible UV light.
Freedom to breathe and smile Freedom to breathe and smile

Freedom to breathe and smile

Doesn’t restrict breathing or cover your face – share your smile with the world again.
Environmentally friendly Environmentally friendly

Innovation backed by science

Independently tested at SGS, the University of Tartu and the University of Lodz.
High-tech UV protection High-tech UV protection

High-tech UV protection

Invisible UV light inactivates over 99%* of viruses, bacteria and other harmful microorganisms.

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Case Studies

14.10.2021 Hospitality industry

Nordic Hotel Forum using Respiray

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sTARTUp Day Case Study 10.01.2022 Events Industry

sTARTUp Day Conference using Respiray

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PÖFF case study 11.01.2022 Events Industry

PÖFF Film Festival using Respiray

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Independent Test Results.

“The efficiency test of the UV-C module was performed on alphavirus to research if and how effectively the device inactivates virus particles. Alphavirus is a similar single-stranded RNA-genome virus to SARS-CoV-2 and both viruses are comparable in size: approximately 70-100 nanometers. The results concluded that 99,4% of the virus particles were inactivated. It’s important to highlight the significance of these findings, because the remaining diminutive concentration of virus particles is very unlikely to cause infection in the target organism”

Ph.D. Liane Viru, Head of Biosafety Core Facility at the University of Tartu

Why our customers love us


Thank you for the ultra-smart device.

“Thank you for the ultra-smart device! Based on one year of user experience, only good can be said. Comfortable, dependable, super design, excellent service.”

Sirli Kodres

Kill a germ, Save a life!

“I let my sister try on my Personal Wearable Air Purifier, to test for comfort, since her cancer extends from her chest up one side of her neck. She loves that it doesn’t fog her eye glasses the way masks often do! More significant than that, she said it was so comfortable that she actually forgot she was wearing it!
We also like how we can feel the flow of fresh clean air, yet it doesn’t blow directly on our face. Being able to see through our eye glasses and over the short shield, is another great feature. The sound and vibration of the blowers are acceptably mild. The importance of purified air (not simply filtered) for a person with compromised immunity, cannot be overlooked!”

Richard Williams

Innovative product, great service!

“The devices came well packaged, with a detailed, well-written, easy to understand instruction booklet. The instructions are simple and straightforward; it is not complicated to this device. We have only had them for a few weeks, so cannot speak to durability, but they are easy to use and comfortable to wear. I was concerned about the sound of the fan, but in an area with any ambient noise it is not at all an issue. Even when you can hear it, say before you enter a store, it is quite soft and not intrusive – barely audible, actually. We are quite pleased with our Respiray devices and have recommended them to others.”


Good innovative product

“Good innovative product, easy to wear and long lasting battery. The only thing I would say is that after 3 weeks of constant use the white colour starts coming off from areas where it touches the shoulders. Perhaps you would consider matte colour and not shiny for the future. Secondly also the shoulder area black rubber or similar material stickers are coming off and I find this very irritating.”


I can breathe again, finally!

“Due to my nose, which isn’t anatomically in perfect shape, I find it hard to breathe through regular facemask. This has caused my panic attacks while being in the public transport, because at one point, I just feel that I cannot breathe and it gives me anxiety since I feel like dying. With Respiray, I can protect myself and most importantly, I can breathe again!”


The device arrived promptly and in good working order.

The device arrived promptly and in good working order. I got in touch with the customer service to discuss the function and got an immediate, friendly and competent response. Respiray appears to be a startup that is very interested in making their customers as happy as they can.

Joscha Bach

Great Product! Great Service!

Respiray has been most helpful in getting solutions. Service is excellent, thoughtful and with a personal touch. Delivery is prompt. The device can be worn or placed on a desk. When worn, it balances well and one will not feel it as you go about usual activities. It is quiet and lasts the whole day. It may not be so comfortable for active sports or PE activities, however, that is usually done in open spaces, so is not a problem. We have one for each in the family and the children bring it to school, too! It is most reassuring that we are doing our best to ensure we have the best quality air, virus free and are confident to go about our day in busy indoor settings. The best part is that it is very portable and we have autonomy over our air quality wherever we wish to go! Thanks for an innovative, portable and efficient product!


Durable and effective

This is an update to a review I wrote soon after I received the devices. My husband and I wear them all the time – when we go shopping, to the gym, and when we travel – and find them very comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time. I am very sensitive to noise and was concerned about the sound of the motor, but it has not been an issue at all – they so quiet I often have to check to make sure I turned it on. We have taken several long airplane trips over the past year and have not contracted COVID-19, even though the airports and planes are crowded and very few people are wearing masks. I am so happy we have them – buying them was one of the best decisions I ever made as they have gone a long way to giving us back our lives.

Catherine Shaer

Are you ready to breathe and smile in public again?

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